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Effects by Aguilar, EHX, Keeley, Xotic, JHS, MXR, Ibanez and more


Music Man Stingray Special 5 

Music Man Stingray Classic 5 

Music Man Big Al Music
1973 Fender Pbass 
1979 Fender P/J modded 
1973 Gibson G3 
1974 Gibson EB-3 
1983 Westone Concord I 
(2) G&L SB-2 
Sandberg VM5 Supreme 
Sandberg TM5 
Warwick Streamer XL 
NS Design CR5M Electric Upright


Les Paul Traditional (P90/498T)

Moonshine Guitars custom Tele


Aguilar DB750 
Aguilar TH500 
Aguilar DB212 
Aguilar SL112 
1970 Ampeg B15N 
Ashdown ABM500

Avalon U5 
Aguilar ToneHammer 
Countryman Type 85 
Radial ProDI 

Palmer Junction Box 
Custom Wolfbox DI 
JHS Colour Box 
Fractal Axe-Fx II

I proudly endorse Aguilar Amplification, Music Man basses, Ernie Ball strings, Keeley Electronics, NS Design, JHS pedals, Electro-Harmonix, GoGo Tuners and Westone Audio


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